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"My decks, both front and back, were built in 2000. Timberjack, a new product (material that did not need to be painted or
stained) was used for the flooring. However, the railings were made of cedar which, within one year, needed to be sanded and
refinished with a high quality varnish that could withstand the wind, rain and snow. After 5 years of the elements here at 7,034'
North and East of the Palmer Divide, the railing were splitting. Two more sandings and applications of a marine varnish were
made but it was so labor intensive that my entire summer's were spent on this process.

Richard Morgan of RAMWORKS proposed building the new railings made of steel, in whatever design I would like and then he
wold have them powder coated to keep them from rusting. I chose and alternating horse panel design with a rustic golden-bronze
powder coating to match with the house and barn. I believe the maintenance will be minimal and I'll be able to enjoy myself in
other endeavors.
Thank you for giving me more time to enjoy my true passions!"
Roxanna H. Butler
Rick A. Morgan

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